Swedish Masterchef semi-finalist Hedvig Henrekson at Nour


Swedish Masterchef semi-finalist Hedvig Henrekson at Nour

On April 21st, we had the honor of welcoming a very special guest, Hedvig Henrekson, known for her impressive third-place finish in the prestigious competition, Sweden’s Masterchef. Hedvig’s cooking has won hearts and taste buds across the country, and her dishes are known for their flavor, warmth, balance, and energy. She was at Nour on a Sunday, preparing Danish sandwiches for over 300 eager guests.

Hedvig, who recently returned to Sweden after spending five inspiring years in Copenhagen, brings with her a treasure trove of experiences and flavors from Denmark. If you ask her about the two best things she brought back from Denmark, the answer will be Flæskesteg sandwich and Danish remoulade sauce. These two culinary gems have been a source of inspiration for Hedvig and our own Sayan, who together crafted two exclusive sandwiches for the event on April 21st.

The first sandwich is a tribute to the classic Flæskesteg sandwich, but with a unique twist. Imagine juicy pork with wonderfully crispy crackling. This composition was complemented by sweet-sour red cabbage, a creamy dijonaise, and lightly pickled cucumber.

The second sandwich offered that day was inspired by the Danes’ beloved national dish, plaice with remoulade sauce. Sayan and Hedvig’s interpretation included crispy fish in perfect harmony with a flavorful curry remoulade, accompanied by the same pickled cucumber that adds a fresh contrast to the deeper flavors.

This day at Nour was not just an opportunity to enjoy exceptional food, but also a chance to gather friends and family for a pleasant time together.

We at Nour are very excited to share this special day with you here. It was an evening where we, along with our guests, experienced cooking that combines the best of Swedish and Danish cuisines, presented by one of Sweden’s rising stars in cooking.