Learnings from the past season


Learnings from the past season

The amount of work that goes down into running a restaurant is bewildering. Running Nour, with the caliber that the guest expects, is that amount of work taken to the next level. In this update of sorts, we’ll speak with Sayan Isaksson, the chef and boss of Nour about what Sayan wants to convey and try to come closer to what the point of Nour is.

“This last season working at the restaurant, I’ve gotten so much closer to the guest. It has been strong for me to be able to see them when they exit, scan their faces for an immediate feedback, it’s been very humbling to be honest.”

With Réne Redpazi closing Noma1, the fine dining scene has never been more in question than before. This is something that is constantly brooded upon at Nour, how to really use the incredible workbench that is fine dining. On one hand, the stamp “fine dining” lends the cook and entrepreneur access to the best ingredients, to incredible premises and to be able to offer excellent service. On the other hand, the ephitet comes with shackling levels of standards that needs to be carefully considered and above all – met.

“Stress is definitely something that can affect service, there are only seven tables in total, yet there’s a rhythm and beat to it. It’s about letting the guest have the best possible experience that they can, with excellent food and a wonderful relaxed feeling”

Service at Nour is one of the aspects that have been rethought for this fall. With the experience being inherently luxurious, its important to the team that the guests are made to feel relaxed, like they can move and laugh and spend their time at Nour however they want. While still enjoying one of the best meals that Stockholm has to offer. Its about deconstructing and reforging what a fine dining experience is or can be.

The past season at Nour has been colored by the aftermath of the familiar virus, and every restaurant has had to make adjustments to the post-pandemic restaurant scene. Speaking to Sayan, it seems to have almost reinforced his love for his work – Nour managed to retain its michelin star2, and after an inspiring trip to Tokyo Japan, along with a popup at the Westin Yokohama in the Kanagawa district, chef de cuisine Olle Broström and Sayan plans an ambitious fall season at the restaurant.

“There are a few hills to climb to reach the level we want, but we’ll get there”

Stay updated on the website to follow the inner workings of Nour.


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