Sayan Isaksson welcomes a known face within the Swedish culinary scene, Ida Bauhn, to the culinary team at Nour as she steps into the role of head chef. 

“It feels wonderful, and I am profoundly grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with Ida. Her deep knowledge, extensive experience, and creative flair are pivotal for the future of our restaurant,” – Sayan

Since its inception in 2020, Nour has aimed to create a unique culinary experience influenced by Japanese culture and techniques while emphasizing the use of Nordic ingredients to promote sustainability, a principle dearly held by Ida Bauhn.

“Our goal is to continue leading in sustainable restaurant practices by maintaining close relationships with our suppliers and making sustainable choices in all aspects,” – Ida

In recent years, Ida Bauhn has led the Swedish Culinary Team as its first female captain, starting in the team in 2021 alongside Matilda Ewaldh. Beside her competing, Ida has worked as a freelance chef. Her passion for cooking was ignited during an internship in a pub kitchen in eighth grade. In 2022, she with the Olympic team to a silver medal in Luxembourg. 

Ida and Sayan have now been working together for about a month, and have already worked out seasonal changes to the menu, utilizing what’s available and fresh. Duck and mackerel are through Ida and Sayan transformed into new dishes and enter the menu and a few summery desserts are also making their appearance. Nour has also made its menu more accessible, by introducing a new three-course menu, in addition to the existing five- and eight-course options. 

“The idea behind the new menu is to offer our guests more choices, with different pricing but still faithful to Nour’s essence,” – Sayan Isaksson

Special thanks are also extended to Olle Broström, the previous head chef at Nour, for his contributions since the reopening in 2021.

“I would also like to extend a huge thank you to Olle Broström, former head chef at Nour, who is a major reason for where we are today and for us receiving a Michelin star together in 2022,” says Sayan.

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