Nour DNA


Nour DNA

Nour Dashi

Our dashi is the backbone of our kitchen used in broths, marinades and sauces to enhance the Umami. Made of water, kombu, katsuobushi, and mushrooms.


We make a classic Koji from steamed sushi rice and koji mold (Azpergillus oryzae) for the starter of our misos and the shio koji.

Shio koji

White koji water made from rice koji, water and sea salt make a terrific savory liquid.


We make two variations of miso paste, one from domestic yellow peas and one from domestic white beans, again with the rice koji as the work horse.


A Moroccan condiment consisting of butter mixed with 10% blue cheese kept at room temperature for about a year or more. Makes for a super potent flavor bomb.


A miso paste made of beef, koji and sea salt.


”Apple cider vinegar” from domestic apples. We infuse vinegar with other ingredients as well, such as elderberries and katsuobushi.

Fish sauce

We make a nam pla style fish sauce based on the fish heads and bones that we get. Only sea salt is added and lots of time.

The Yakitori Grill

Our go-to heating source is the grill. We grill almost everything over charcoal to create a smoky flavor profile using glazes and different fats as flavor enhancers.

Nour XO

Originally from Hong Kong, XO meaning Extra Old. This savory condiment packed with umami is incredible. Our version is special because we use chilis from Gotland, house dried scallops scraps and dried Swedish squid.